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Chipo Pfende

2019-11-22 07:52:00 | Profile
Just got out of a 5 and a half year relationship recently.Someone I planned on marrying, but life changes, things happen and I am not with the one I love anymore.This song has really helped me through a lot of the pain.

Jessica Scott

2019-11-22 05:14:43 | Profile
when the rains starts falling

Александр Рачев

2019-11-21 17:32:37 | Profile
He makes my heart ache for her.

Rich LN

2019-11-21 15:43:46 | Profile

Majeratiii TheGod

2019-11-21 14:40:18 | Profile
This speaks to the struggle i have every day. Two outlooks on life and no place to think long enough to choose one. On one side, my strength, my peace of mind, my appreciation for life, at the cost of being alone. The other part is my longing for friends, somebody to love and place to lay my roots down, the downside is my anxiety, my sense of feeling like i dont really need it. I want everything thats good for me, but feel too damaged to chase after them.

Diego Martín

2019-11-21 11:31:20 | Profile
Luis I love you buddy if only you could see me now

durr antoine

2019-11-21 11:19:17 | Profile
this album is what made me fall in love with Dallas. I already adored AOF, but after hearing this, it made meeting him before an Alexisonfire gig so much more poignant. I just wish he kept producing music like this; Little Hell was fucking stunning and so polished, but it was more like The Dallas Green Band. do a Frank Turner and just use your voice and guitar again...production is overrated. <3

The Highwaymen.

2019-11-21 10:19:31 | Profile
i suppose its comforting to know that while i feel so parted from everything. No love, no direction, just fear and isolation. I do have this music though, so im content with that, and maybe ill find what i want in the future..


2019-11-20 20:15:18 | Profile
city and colour always brings me back to the darkest time in my life. Its kinda cool.