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Niki Ker.

2020-03-28 21:14:24 | Profile
Favourite song of secret someone...maybe not now..Thanks from free Catalonia


2019-11-09 00:15:32 | Profile
Looking for a lover who won’t blow my cover!

Branka CI

2019-11-08 15:01:19 | Profile
Eagles greatest band on earth this tune one of my favorites and lyin eyes both songs just so masterly written and sung by the great eagles hotel california also a classic so many hits so many songs by once again by the greatest band no other band better than eagles rock on!

Amalthea Bluemoon

2019-11-02 14:25:57 | Profile
First time i heard this song i was 10 years old. Back in 89

Пенёк Дубовый

2019-10-25 01:34:05 | Profile
This song reminds me of dad he died last month rip dad

Dennis Opihory

2019-10-23 08:56:40 | Profile
Pass by Winslow Arizona everyday but first visit the corner

Jamie Frazier

2019-10-22 23:15:20 | Profile
Do I hear banjos on this song?