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jack marley

2019-11-22 14:05:17 | Profile
This song popped up in my Facebook memories. Those things are sketchy but it paid off this time.

Richard Stall

2019-11-22 00:11:23 | Profile
Danny is so fucking cool I love the undead team I fucking love this shit

Lag Swag

2019-11-21 21:08:58 | Profile
Love you guys, been a huge fan.... listening this brings back memories

Chad Drake

2019-11-21 17:43:04 | Profile
Who else cut there wrists to this song when they was 14?

Eldor Ganjiev

2019-11-21 16:55:29 | Profile
One day in Heaven l will meet people who will treat me right. I know l am a good person and know the truth. Goodbye forever everyone l have ever met, your lies of me lying are the true poison. I know the truth and that is everything.