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2020-01-07 13:16:32 | Profile
This song has such significance for me. My husband sat outside the operating theatre for 5 hours after the premature birth of our third child not knowing if I was going to make it. Luckily both me and baby were ok, but when I hear this song I think of what it must have been like for him. Men can have post-natal depression and PTSD after a traumatic birth too, we need to encourage them to open up about their feelings about childbirth.


2019-12-27 02:00:36 | Profile
Absolutely captivating... Spiritual and touches the heart of as well as the soul


2019-10-20 21:55:51 | Profile
Amazing, amazing, amazing. This really encapsulates what it is to be human and to reproduce


2019-10-15 10:12:11 | Profile
I lost my mum in March this year and the words in this song really hit home , yes i have a lot of strength left in me yet

FATIMA franzoi

2019-10-04 13:18:27 | Profile
Going to be bold and say that KB is the most talented female artist of the last 50 years

Samuel Noack

2019-10-02 03:46:42 | Profile
My mother and father got taken away too soon. It did me a massive favour.

Tamara Durham

2019-09-29 10:27:24 | Profile
God bless nurses everywhere


2019-09-09 17:34:36 | Profile
FFS - what the fuck is this ‘Maxwell’?Did ‘Maxwell’ write the song?Did ‘Maxwell’ independently publish a vocal arrangement’Did ‘Maxwell’ fight against the institutions that constrain artistic example?MAXWELL, whatever it is, has served no good.