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Vanz Andrade

2020-01-04 04:05:29 | Profile
Also, the community prchestra I play in has some arraingements of their music, I hope we get to play some in concert (String Bass)

Hartini Sutjipto

2019-11-20 22:42:50 | Profile
My friend is Russian and we random play this when she walks in a room ( she’s chill with it though )

Miroslav Horký

2019-11-17 04:54:33 | Profile
Nobody:Truck commercials during Christmas season:

taha gazioğlu

2019-11-09 13:30:02 | Profile
Anyone else playing this for their orchestra? The violins are leaving me their parts so I have to carry them :) I’m playing the guitar parts and this song has a lot of megadeth and Metallica influence.

Steven Bray

2019-10-21 21:10:07 | Profile
Saw this song performed live, and I must say holy shit it was cool


2019-09-28 17:41:57 | Profile
OMg! An ad about them popped up XD